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>4. Inhumi cross from Blue to Green at conjunction. Now I don't 
>recall anything explicitly saying it was conjunction-time when 
>Jahlee attacked Sinew, but assume so for testing: ie, Blue year 4. 

Actually, it looks like that's where this doesn't work. When Krait 
is dying on Green, and tells Horn the Big Secret, Horn says he 
understands what had happened "almost twenty years ago" (IGJ p82). 
Those have to be Blue years, I think. This scene almost certainly 
takes place in about the 21st (or at most, 22nd) year since Horn 
landed. Blue year 2 looks like the latest for Jahlee's attack; 
"almost twenty" has to imply "more than 19", IMO.

As added support for an early date: Silkhorn's vision of the 
attack, near the beginning of RTTW, displays none of the stormy 
weather associated with conjunction; and other comments make it 
almost certain that they are coming up to just their second winter 
on Blue. 

It looks like Jahlee is their on Lizard before conjunction, and in 
any case at much too young an age to have flown there.

>6. Four Blue years is around 5 Green years. If inhumi spawn and 
>mature very quickly (like frogs?), this may give just enough time 
>for Jahlee's parent to take the blood of one of Auk's party on 
>green, and for Jahlee to spend "years" getting strong enough to 
>make the crossing. Is there anything in the story Fava tells at 
>beginning of IGJ which might give more of a clue about how long it 

>takes inhumi to mature?

Reading Fava's story, I get the impression that inhumi do mature 
quickly, in the sense that an inhuma could mimic a "little girl" 
not long after birth. 

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