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>Thalassocrat quoted and wrote:
>>>Either way, what was Wolfe's point in having her go
>>>to Blue
>>>before she could fly properly?
>>>Has anyone a better answer?
>>Wolfe may have nodded.
>Maybe. But I have the feeling I'm missing something. Silkhorn even 

>her, in so many words, if her first visit to that room had been 
>made before
>her first trip to Blue. "She did not answer." (60) There has to be 

>more to

Perhaps the mystery of the tall figure with the bird-like gait & 
the squat, dome-like building up the top have to be solved first. 

I continue to hope that the figure is a Neighbor-naut and the 
"building" is his spacecraft, his close-fitting cloak (or whatever 
the description) is his spacesuit, and that this is the point from 
which Neighbors take inhumi to seed the Whorl. I posted a long time 
ago some flimsy reasons for thinking this might be the case; 
partly, the figure seemed to me the most plausible candidate 
Neighbor for telling Silkhorn about the Whorl-seeding.

As I mentioned, another possibility for the Jahlee timeline is that 
one of her parents was one of these Whorl-inhumi, returned by the 
Neighbors to Green (and presumably to this region of Green, which 
would explain what the young Jahlee was doing there). If this 
return happened before the first human exodus from the Whorl, it 
would give Jahlee plenty of time to grow & become a void-crosser.

One thing to note: I think it must be the case that the Neighbors 
took primitve inhumi to the Whorl, let them drink human blood, 
brought them back to Green, let them breed & then took some of the 
sentient offspring back to the Whorl. How else to explain Quetzal? 

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