(urth) Drunken Jahlee

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<Interesting things about Jahlee and Chenille, snipped>

What were Jahlee's origins? She bites baby Sinew pretty soon after 
the first colonists arrive on Blue. She tells of her childhood 
before then, striving to become strong enough to leave Green. 

I don't think that "wild" inhumi would have that striving to go to 
Blue; Jahlee was surely sentient at the time. In my opinion, inhumi 
only get to be sentient if they are born to a human-blood-drinking 
parent. So my conclusion is that at least one of Jahlee's parents 
drank someone's blood.

If this happened on Green, the timing is very tight. The parent 
needs to drink the blood of some human, give birth to Jahlee, and 
Jahlee needs to build up her strength, fly to Blue and find Sinew, 
all in the time between the first humans leaving the Whorl and 
Sinew reaching some age which leaves him still an infant. It 
wouldn't be very surprising to find that the victim was Chenille, 
one of the first batch of colonists.

(If the blood-drinking didn't happen on Green, it must have 
happened on the Whorl, and the parent must have been one of the 
inhumi the Neighbors placed there. Further, the Neighbors must have 
brought the parent back to Green. Why they would do that, I don't 

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