(urth) The eyes of a clone

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 4 05:16:04 PDT 2005

>I always assumed that the face is called "carved brown" because
>Silk remembers the face from a wood cutting, not that the face
>is actually brown.

>It is possible that the carved brown face is made of wood
>-- the experience is pretty dreamy.

>Before -- or if -- I respond further, and I probably
>shouldn't do this
>because I don't believe your interpretation in the
>least, I will point out
>that you have put a needless obstacle in your own
>path. No one that I know
>of has said Tussah had a brown face. I don't know
>what kind of complexion he
>had. Silk was speaking of the color of the bust
>itself. The whole thing was
>brown, and it was brown because it had been carved
>out of wood.

Perhaps y'all are right. (At least in this case I can't be accused of
generating the evidence to fit a theory.) But I must point out that this is
only the *first* time within the same volume that Tussah's *actual* face is
closely associated with the coloring of the that bust in the closet.
The calde's carved countenance rose again before his mind's eye, and it
seemed to him that he had seen it someplace else only a day or two
before...had seen the caldee outside, because even without his lost glasses
he had noticed the powder on the cheeks and flaws that the powder tried to
cover--had seen him, in that case, under the auspices of the Outsider, in a
Epiphany of the Long Sun pg 287 (Calde)

"You're sunburned!" Inwardly, Silk reproached his own stupidity. "I've been
looking at you--gaping actually, I suppose. I hope you'll excuse it, but I
couldn't imagine how your face had gotten so red, so close to the red-brown
color of a wood-carving my mother used to have."
~ Ibid, pg 290

Note that Chenille with her high cheek-bones ("flat cheeks") can herself be
said to have "carved" features. So assuming that Chenille looks as much like
Tussah as this text implies, we've confirmed that the "carved" adjective is
not isolated to Tussah's bust.

Perhaps the brown color refers only to the bust. But the scenes read (red?)
in conjunction begin to take on a suspicious pattern to me. But then again,
the scenes might have been confusingly written.


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