(urth) Whom Does Wolfe Read?

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Sat Apr 16 01:43:56 PDT 2005

He also dished out a big juicy quote on the virtues of the writing of 
Frankowski, which ended up attached as a blurb to one of the worst excuses 
for a pulp novel I have ever seen. Lesson learned: do not trust blurbs, even 
from Wolfe.

>>What other authors has Wolfe praised or
>>indicated that he enjoys?  What other
>>books has Wolfe written blurbs for?
>I going to presume we're talking fiction here. He wrote a gushing blurb for 
>a book of Avram Davidson's short stories. He's referred to Kate Wilhelm in 
>several interviews and chats and Number 5 finds one of her books in "The 
>Fifth Head", so that's gotta be one. He *seems* to have been great friends 
>with Le Guin at one time but his affection for her work *seems* like it may 
>have declined with that friendship.
>He's certainly not just a SF fan. He is a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes 
>mysteries...probably the whole Mystery genre including Poe. He likes 
>Dickens and Thackery (but you would know that from "Castle of Days"). He 
>read a whole lot of Kipling as a kid. He seems to have read most of C.S. 
>Lewis and G.K. Chesterton. I'm told there are a lot Proust references in 
>"The New Sun" but I don't know enough about Proust to verify that.
>He clearly likes Robert Graves and openly praises "I, Claudius".  His 
>references to Greek Mythology are very often tapped directly from Graves' 
>"The Greek Myths". And he likes World Mythology (not just the Greek stuff) 
>-- look for a lot of Persian and Hittite mythology in his next Latro book 
>if it is ever finished.
>~ Crush
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