(urth) Undines+humans =3D3D Green Man?

nastler nastler at yahoo.dk
Mon Apr 11 06:42:53 PDT 2005

No-one has yet replied to Andrews exciting post. I
have been wishing they would. It states plainly what
others have only dared hint at in the archives (for
example, marc talked about the similarities between
the pelagic powers Mother/seawrack and Tad/miniTad

A "deal" between two powers (Abia/mother who deserves
"respect not worship" and the Hieros as the legitimate
executors of the Increate) with a human conciliator
(or stud).

The powers of the deep could destroy Urthlings, but
don't because they want us as slaves. The Heirodules
could supply the Commonwealth with enough power to
defeat the Ascians, but don't (only enough to check
them) because they want our transendence (but not on
Typhons terms and conditions). An impasse. A mexican

Both see Sev as a sexual (genetic) object. If Sev had
jumped off the sandbank onto Juturna would she have
drowned him or made little undines with him (an Ida or
SeaWrack?). Apheta needs Sevs genome too, but
(presumably for Lamarkian reasons) he needs to resist
the advances of the deep powers until he has assended
to heaven where he can deliver a consent to "the plan"
and make a union between heaven and Urth. Apheta
thereby extracts an "optimised" genome.

Ushas is born. The Undines leap with joy as this
"victory" means they can now monopolise the surviving
Urthlings and populate the globe with
proto-greenmanians (Neighbours?). The Heirodules smile
smugly as this is all part of the bigger game plan, to
create a race that will one day torture the Heiro's
into existence.


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