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Wed Sep 29 01:46:01 PDT 2004

Hello everyone,

It's good to see that the migration to the new server was successful.  
I haven't said anything about Knight yet, but I did have two thoughts 
that I don't recall seeing discussed here.

First, I can't believe that Wolfe thinks that it was a good idea for Able to
drop his quest, abandon his friends, abrogate his duty, and run off into 
elfland chasing visions of Disiri, as he does at the end of the book.  He 
does seem to get Grengarm out of it, which you'd think would be a good 
thing, but I bet that in Wizard we'll see that this side trip also has 
adverse consequences.

Second, the passage:
"If it's a woman's ghost," I said, "she may be after some property or 
something she thinks is coming to her.  I talked to an old lady down 
south who knew a lot about ghosts, and she told me that women's
ghosts generally mean the woman was murdered.  More often than
not, justice is all they want."
made me think of Mrs. Tilly in Peace.  Is this is a hint for Peace?  
Even if it's not, I'm now convinced that Mr. Tilly was indeed poisoned 
by his wife's ghost.

Stone Ox (Peter)
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