(urth) Wolfe apperances in November

Seth Lombardi sethlombardi at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 16 17:13:42 PDT 2004

After my last e-mail regarding the CHF, Teri Goulding was kind enough to 
send me this info:


>This may or may not help, but I believe Gene will be at Windycon on the 
>12th and 13th. Last year >he read his first draft of "The Little Stranger" 
>and was on a panel discussing research.
>He usually does an autograph session in the hallway as well.

>He would quite probably sign something if it were handed to him in a polite 
>manner at the >Humanities Festival as well, but I couldn't promise 

>All the best,

I also sent Gaiman a missive via his web page and this appeared in his blog 
soon after:

>Consider the word gotten out. That was easy. By the way, on my birthday 
>this year I'll be doing a >reading in Chicago and also interviewing Gene 
>Wolfe, at the Chicago Humanities Festival. 
> >http://www.chfestival.org/november/index.cfm (They've got a strong SF 
>track this year, which, in >addition to Gene Wolfe, includes William 
>Gibson, Kim Stanley Robinson, and John Crowley and >Peter Straub being 
>interviewed by Gary Wolfe. Tickets are incredibly cheap, and there's always 
>a >signing after the panel.

So there you go. Right now I'm probably leaning toward the CHF of only 
because I'm pretty out of the sf loop, but my friends and aquaintences who 
are con regulars might overrule me in favor of Windycon.

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