(urth) What does Horn look like?

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Wed Oct 6 22:41:50 PDT 2004

Crush queried:

>I got the idea while reading "The Book of the Short Sun" that Horn was
>(originally) balding. Is this accurate?

Yes. Ignore the book covers. I don't remember Horn's hair color, but it
isn't white. This is what Horn looked like when he began his quest (It is,
of course, Silkhorn who wrote):

"They had brought food, tents, and trunks full of clothing, expecting to
spend a week or more on Lizard; but in my books Silk was an account that had
never been closed, one so large that it dwarfed all others. At fifteen, I
had thought him the greatest of great men. At thirty-five, only a little
taller, thick-bodied and nearly bald, I thought him a great man still."
(OBW, p.65)

This is what Silk(Horn)'s body looked like, right after he left Gaon. He's
then in his early forties.

"Saw my own reflection standing in the water holding up my spear, wild white
hair and empty socket, lined and worried old face." (OBW, p.381)


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