(urth) Silkhorn's mission after BotSS

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 5 10:12:47 PDT 2004

> Christopher Culver:
>Does the idea of Silk as galactic bringer of good news make
>anyone else appreciate the ending of BotSS more?

Hmmm.. Who will he take the "good news" too? The Neighbors and Inhumi hardly 
needed whatever theological messages the Short Sun Narrator had to offer.

Rather becoming a mere foil for the Whorl pantheon (which in fact, the Whorl 
cannot live without - they're are modules of the Mainframe) it seemed to me 
that the characters who return are supposed to "heal" the pantheon in some 
way (I don't now exactly how). After all, Pas was almost rubbed by his wife 
and at least three children. He returns in pieces really -- and is it likely 
he's yet entirely whole? Then he proceeds to erase Echidna, Scylla, Molpe, 
and Hierax.
Who returns to the Whorl? Silk, Nettle, Seawrack, Marble, and Oreb. A nearly 
perfect analogy of the damaged gods (I grant that Nettle is a bit of a 

Naturally, Silk's goal would be have the pantheon and their worshipers 
recognize the pre-eminence of the Outsider.

You are probably right about where the Whorl is going, however. It seems 
obvious to me after a year of reflection that the ship was always expected 
to continue on from star to star. Otherwise, what would happen to all the 
"non-Cargo" on the ship? Wolfe has said there will be no more sequels to the 
Silk segment, but I think it would be very interesting to see a couple 
stories on the crew of the Whorl.

~ Crush 

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