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Mon Oct 4 22:56:24 PDT 2004

Well, a couple things. The first is the tomb that Severian plays in as a 
child, which he later finds out is his own (from one of his many lives as 
the Conciliator in and out of time). I believe that somewhere it's stated 
that this is the tomb of an autarch. Secondly, I think Severian himself 
makes the conjecture that he's been autarch more than once, in UotNS, though 
I don't have a copy to go looking.

Not to be confused with whoever's theory it was that Ymar was actually 
Severian, which I never really bought into (or the theory that he was 
Severian's clone).

The only place that the passing from Citadel you're referring to comes into 
play is that I think that perhaps Severian comes up with the *idea* of there 
having been another Severian from the fact that he had these echoed 
memories, and had no way at hand to explain them otherwise.

>If you're referring to the "first Severian" scenario outlined by Sev on
>p.270 of CITADEL, that doesn't count. That Severian was replaced at some
>point by our Sev, and history was rewritten, so to speak. Sev _did not_
>contain the memory of that "first Severian" becoming autarch and receiving
>the memories of Appian and the rest.
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