(urth) Sulpicius

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Mon Oct 4 21:58:37 PDT 2004

Andrew Bollen wrote:
>I don't have the books handy, but I have a vague recollection that Ymar
>doesn't get distinguished as the *first* Autarch until UOTNS. (Or no?) If
>that's right, then I think this is just another place in which UOTNS is a
>new story, "based on" but not exactly a direct extension of, or intended to
>be totally consistent with New Sun.

If you're looking for internal inconsistencies in the Urth Cycle, here's
another. Aquastor Malrubius told Sev, "If you pass -- if our race is judged
ready to reenter the wide seas of space -- such a white fountain will be
created in the heart of our sun." (IV, p.214)

That's not the way it happened in Book V, where a white fountain was created
at an unknown distance from Urth and took thousands of years to _travel_ to
the Old Sun. It was the passage of this heavenly mass close enough to Urth
on its journey to the sun to cause geological upheavals and massive tidal
waves, resulting in the inundation of low-lying Nessus two days before
reaching its destination.


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