(urth) wizardry and family

aramini1 at cox.net aramini1 at cox.net
Sat Oct 30 15:52:24 PDT 2004

Some random points I wanted to reiterate before everybody finished the Wizard.  

Remember how we grafted the family relatinship between Able, Bold, Mag, and Gerta to the one with the narrator, Ben, Ma, and Ben's girlfriend whose name starts with a G?  From simple deduction, we can assume Able's real name will also start with an A.

We also speculated that this familial situation mirrors that of Arthnor and his half-demon brother Garsecg, and then wondered how Garsecg could graft onto Bold Berthold (and the shadow Bold left in the water when he fought the giants in his youth). 

What other points should we keep in mind?  It has already been speculated that the green knight which peered over Able's shoulder was an older Able ... and somehow also Arnthnor.   

That's probably enough for now.

Marc Aramini

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