(urth) OT: Poughkeepsie

Alan Lewis alanarc at frontiernet.net
Tue Nov 30 20:12:04 PST 2004

I think I can see where Leguin derived the idea of using the idea of 
Poughkeepsie in this way.  You see, there's a saying I've heard employed 
many times paritucarly amongst political pundits when a concept, or work may 
have broad and mainstream appeal, one says, "That'll play in Peoria." 
However, there is a lesser known variation one hears, "That'll play in 

As to why these places are singled out to represent the mainstream, I think 
it's largely a matter of alliteration of course.  But there is a 
geographical element as well no doubt.  In the case of Poughkeepsie, one 
must realize that it is about 60 miles north of Culture Central, NYC.  I'm 
reminded of the way Ichabob Crane in the person of Johnny Depp leaves the 
city and travels north by coach into what Tim Burton would have us 
understand is the wilds of Sleepy Hollow, a journey that takes him a whole 
day, but is far enough out there for figures like a Headless Horseman to 
become possible.  This despite the fact that Sleepy Hollow is only about 30 
miles north of the city.  Point being, once out of the city, aw shucks, it 
shooor does get darks at night way out there, and to a city person 
Poughkeepsie must have seemed like a whole other world.

All this could hardly be further off topic, for which I apologize, but this 
point has always interested me, particularly since I make my living working 
in that very same Poughkeepsie, protecting its children.


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