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Maru marudubshinki at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 30 18:25:53 PST 2004

Hmpf, I'm not sure what the library's are like in Europe, but in
AMerica, when I want a rare, really expensive book, I put in
several inter-library loan requests at my local library.
You said you were a university student?  Would your universitie's
library have any affiliations or alliances with other libraries? 
You might want to look into that- could save you lots of money.
--- Hmpf MacSlow <hmpf1998 at gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I've been thinking for days about what to say here and have
> finally come to 
> the conclusion that there is nothing I can say that would not
> fall miles 
> short of everything that's gone on here before (I've read most
> of the 
> archives by now), so I'll just be shallow and say: this is an
> amazing list. 
> Reading it is almost - not quite - as good as reading Wolfe
> himself: it 
> expands my mind in all kinds of directions and ties my brain in
> all kinds 
> of interesting knots.
> One question: is there any way of acquiring the Lexicon Urthus
> without 
> selling my non-existent firstborn for it? I'm a poor student,
> bereft of the 
> means to pay hundreds of euros or dollars for a single book...
> Oh, yeah, and just because there don't seem to be many women
> reading Wolfe, 
> at least not on this list, and because I realise my nick is
> kind of 
> neutral, I feel the need to point out that I belong to that
> rare 
> demographic. *g*
> What else to say... Well, I've read very little Wolfe so far,
> just the Book 
> of the New Sun and the Urth of the New Sun, and I'm only into
> my second 
> reading of The Shadow of the Torturer (read it first about a
> year ago, and 
> I've only recently been able to buy and read UotNS). Still,
> even this 
> limited contact with his work has propelled Gene Wolfe right to
> the top of 
> my favourites list, next to Tolkien who's been there since I
> was 16. I 
> think it's safe to say that no other book has impressed me as
> deeply since 
> 1992, the year I first read LotR, as BotNS has.
> And now I'll go back to lurking, I think.
> Hmpf
> ---
> "Senseless property destruction has failed me, and so I must
> resort to 
> wackiness."
> - Patrick Shaughnessy, Triangle and Robert  
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