(urth) the problem with gaiman, mieville, and pullman

Charles Reed cmreed at link.com
Mon Dec 6 12:22:15 PST 2004

I also thought it to be quite telling that he (Gaiman) chose to read the 
Narnia books to his two children.  If a person is virulently against the 
message conveyed in a certain book, there's no way in the world they're 
going to be reading those books to the most precious people in their lives.


Dan'l Danehy-Oakes wrote:

>Well, it seems very unlikely to me that Gaiman would say much
>uncomplimentary about CSL (or JRRT) as the invited guest of the 
>Mythopoeic Society, an organization created specifically for the
>study of the works of the Inklings: it would be akin to accepting a 
>dinner invitation and getting up after the appetizer and starting 
>to make rude remarks about your host's mother. 
>That he says as much as he does (about being "personally 
>offended," about feeling that CSL had violated his trust, about 
>the "awkwardness" of the structure of _Prince Caspian_) in such 
>a context leads me to believe that he might have quite a bit more 
>to say in a less Lewicentric forum.
>Still, what he _does_ say makes it clear that he loves, or at some
>point loved, those books, and that's worth knowing.

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