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You know, I haven't read any Mieville, but for all the talk of him 
being hack-ish, there's a certain purity of feeling in these quotes 
that make me curious now to check out at least one book by him.


On Thursday, December 2, 2004, at 09:38 AM, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes wrote:

> China M. has an article in the Guardian (http://tinyurl.com/6s587)
> from which I pull the  following quotes as possibly interesting
> and/or relevant to the recent-ongoing discussion of his work:
> I'm in this business for the monsters. My single favourite monsters
> are the beastmen in The Island of Doctor Moreau. I love the
> octopoid creatures and the giant swine spirit in William Hope
> Hodgson. I have a lot of time for pig monsters. I've always liked
> being terrified of monsters from underwater coming up, like the
> Creature from the Black Lagoon. There's a picture of Beatrix
> Potter's Jeremy Fisher with the trout about to bite his foot and
> he hasn't seen it yet. Completely terrifying.
> ...
> Loads of children read books about dinosaurs, underwater
> monsters, dragons, witches, aliens, and robots. Essentially, the
> people who read SF, fantasy and horror haven't grown out of
> enjoying the strange and weird.
> ...
> The weirdest thing I ever saw was in Hyde Park. There was a
> crowd, I joined them, and for the next 10 minutes we stood
> aghast and fascinated watching a pelican eating a pigeon.
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